A Circle of Care Approach

Our Circle of Care approach integrates a senior’s family members, elder advocates, friends, professional caregivers and community resources into a collaborative unit.

Although redefined, CareSmart aims to ensure that an elder’s experience of “independence” is maintained, which includes a sense of freedom, choice, belonging and validation in their lives.

  • Solutions are shared to support the senior in aging well emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Our approach is a wellness model that recognizes that each individual is
    continually moving through a process of change and growth in their life
  • As CareSmart goes about supporting the tasks of everyday living
    in the eldercare process, our root purpose is to validate the life
    experience of each client we serve, fostering a sense of meaning and
    integrity for their lives

Creating a link between each member of the Circle of Care team is an important role that CareSmart Seniors Consulting will facilitate. Effective communication between team members will foster a successful collaboration.

Teamwork entails:

  • Openness
  • Trust and disclosure
  • Support
  • Respect

And incorporates:

  • Individual responsibility and accountability
  • Constructive feedback
  • Problem solving
  • Management and organization
  • Knowledge of roles

Our values: Commitment. Acceptance. Respect. Empowerment. (CARE)

Our promise:
Greater peace of mind through enhanced communication and support.

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