Remote SMART Monitoring

Remote SMART Monitoring

    • Are they eating properly?
    • Are they sleeping properly?
    • Are they wandering outside of their home when they should not be?
    • Are they up and about, or have they had a fall?

CareSmart Seniors Consulting is proud to be the first CareLink Advantage Dealer in British Columbia offering remote SMART monitoring, technology that we believe can really make a difference in the life of both the older senior and the people that love them.

How the CareLink Advantage Monitoring System can help you:

    • Keep your loved one in their own home longer, rather than moving them into a retirement community or residential care.
    • Be able to move your loved one out of a hospital and back into their own home with remote SMART monitoring technology to provide needed oversight
    • Reduce in-home care visits by as much as 50%
    • Monitor medication usage on a daily basis
    • Give an elder back their independence by redefining it in a different way
    • Relax and live your life without the constant worry and guilt that often comes with caring for a loved one

How does it work?:

    • We install the CareLink Advantage Monitoring System quickly and easily as it is wireless
    • We work with you to program “notifications” around areas of concern you may have such as wandering out of the home, forgetting to take medications, and a failure to be “Up and About” when your loved one should be
    • We assist you in setting up the list of people to be contacted should the system need to notify you of any events or lack of events
    • Your loved one does nothing…they just continue to live as they did before
    • You continue to live your life, knowing that if there is anything wrong, the system will contact you and the other caregivers right away (Notifications can be sent via email to your PDA, text message to your cell phone, or voice message to any phone. Notifications are delivered simultaneously to all caregivers via their preferred chosen method of receiving them)
    • Utilize cameras to determine the urgency of any “notifications” or simply to look in and make certain all is well with your loved one

Click here to downloada brochure about the CareLink Advantage Monitoring System.

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View this video to hear more about how it works:

Before I had CareLink, I was making trips up to mom’s frequently to check on her when she didn’t answer the phone, especially at night! Now I just go on line and check and she is usually turned away from the phone and didn’t hear it. I always worried about someone getting in the house at night, even though the door was locked. Now the alarm rings if anyone goes in after a certain time at night. Such peace of mind! I really don’t think mom could still be at home without CareLink…it has become a very important part of her care. I hope more people will be able to have access to it. Sharon M. (New Brunswick)
The president of CareLink Advantage, John Whitehead writes……

Every now and then, technology comes along that has the potential to make a major difference in our lives. Sometimes it is revolutionary, sometimes evolutionary, but always it proves a “eureka” moment when you see the potential and the enormous impact that it can have on all of us. CareLink Advantage is one of these technologies.

We all know that our fathers, mothers and other loved ones want to live normal lives as they age, and remain in their homes for as long as possible. But over time, this becomes more and more difficult. As physical and mental faculties begin to diminish, more help is needed. Eventually a point may be reached where some kind of alternative care is required. Ask your mother or father if they look forward to that day.

CareLink Advantage can help delay that moment. Believe me, I know this personally. It is allowing me to keep my mother living in her home as she struggles with the beginnings of Alzheimers. And by the way, to complicate her situation, she lives alone! When I choose to, I can monitor her daily actions to make certain all is well. But even better than this ability, is the fact that if something “is not right” with my mother, the system will reach out and contact me and my other siblings, no matter where we are! It does not rely on her being aware of the problem or taking any actions whatsoever to have the system call for help. She just continues to live her life as though the system was not even there. I can’t begin to tell you the peace of mind that this gives me. I am helping to keep her well and safe.

So, why utilize the CareLink Advantage system into your caregiving of a n older parent or relative? In spite of all the technology, it’s pretty simple. CareLink Advantage can help you keep your loved ones safer and happier living in the residence of their choice. That’s important. That matters! And it allows you to balance your role as caregiver with all the other responsibilities you have in your life.

John Whitehead
Care Link Advantage

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CareSmart Circle of Care Program

  • CareSmart’s  Circle of Care Program combines a leased CareLink Advantage remote SMART monitoring system with the option of hands on care to provide the best of both worlds for both the care giver and the care recipient.  It offers enhanced safety and oversight  for the older senior while giving the whole family greater peace of mind.
  • You can choose from the menu of monitoring equipment options available as outlined in the CareLink Advantage brochure shown above to meet your specific needs.
  • If you choose to add in ongoing seniors care monitoring services for hands on oversight, this can be discussed with your CareSmart Seniors Consultant and a package developed at the time of your initial free consultation.


Ask us about the added value bonuses we are including in our Circle of Care Program right now, to celebrate the Grand Opening of CareSmart Seniors Consulting!
Value of $250.00

Automatic billing monthly for chosen package, starting at $175 per month.

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