About Marjorie

Marjorie Horne’s career has been diverse and includes experience as a Registered Nurse, Hospice Executive Director, Retirement Community Resident Services Manager and Marketing Manager, Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Consultant and Workshop Facilitator.

As a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, she utilizes her education and work experience to address the changing needs of seniors and their families proactively or when a crisis occurs.

She has developed a unique approach that embraces current researched strategies from passionate innovators all over the world who recognize the need to improve the care of our aging population. Caresmart Seniors Consulting was honored to be named as the Micro-Business of the Year at the 28th Annual Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards for her committed efforts.  Marjorie has a passion to be an advocate and resource for families and also to educate our community on the shifting paradigm needed to improve Eldercare. She created the Engaging in Aging Radio Show which she hosted for five years and also wrote a bi-weekly column in the Kelowna Capital News for eight years by the same name, to heighten awareness on navigating transitions successfully in the third chapter of life. She offers Well-Being for Life Programs and webinars that support e traversing the aging life journey in a positive manner, whether personally or as a family caregiver.

Utilizing a Circle of Care Approach that integrates a holistic philosophy on Eldercare support, Marjorie has become a leader on issues concerning seniors care in the Central Okanagan. She often lends her expertise as a speaker and leads free educational opportunities to assist those wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding of the stages of eldering. She is a member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce,  the Age Friendly Business Academy  and has served as a past director on the boards of the Central Okanagan Hospice Association, BC Senior Living Association and Supportive Assisted Living Association. Marjorie is actively supporting organizations that are improving the welfare of seniors and fostering the philosophies of active  and empowered aging. Marjorie is the past board chair for the Sing For Your Life Foundation. She has a family of four grown children and currently resides with her husband in Central Kelowna. She gleefully enjoys her two grandchildren as much as she can and her hobbies of ballroom dancing, singing and swimming at the pool.

Marjorie has worked professionally in the seniors care industry for the past 25 years and has assisted hundreds of families in the many transitions that aging presents. She was also the primary caregiver for her father through his terminal illness and her aging mother, caring for her in her own home for the last year of her life. Together with her three sisters and many professional caregivers, they journeyed through the many transitions their eldercare role presented, discovering much about themselves and their unique eldering paths along the way.

Combining the utilization of her compassionate nature with a proactive approach to planning, Marjorie strategies with family members and advocates so that they can get things done. This includes:

Eldercare planning Proactive planning creates a “Roadmap of Care” for the senior, relieving stress and worry for the family and hopefully avoiding a potential crisis from happening. Our professional team can also bring our diverse experience in Eldercare to make transitions to seniors’ housing easier. Our Professional Eldercare Consultant can support seniors and their family members through the logistical and emotional stress of decision making during a transitioning process. It’s the SMART alternative to doing it all yourself as we know the questions to ask and the solutions that make transitions easier, one step at a time.
Ongoing ElderCare monitoring and life management support Having a knowledgeable expert to coordinate and manage services for an older senior’s well-being is particularly useful for long-distance and busy family members to avoid a detrimental effect on their own work and family life. We also provide attendance to the emergency room in times of sudden illness to provide advocacy, coordination with family members and hospital personnel, while giving an older senior the comforting presence that is needed when family does not live locally or are away travelling.
Navigational Support on Seniors Housing When moving from the family home is the next step, we offer a guiding hand to research available seniors’ housing options, arrange tours and ask the questions you may not even know to ask. Whether searching for Retirement Community Housing or full residential care, having experienced navigational support makes the whole process easier and less stressful.
Respite Relief Services for Family Caregivers In this post-COVID time of much strain on our healthcare system, we know that families are becoming exhausted when taking care of a loved one in their own home. Respite is not readily available when YOU need some rest and relaxation. To bring attention to this growing concern, CareSmart is now offering a Respite Relief Program from Professional Providers to have support come into your residence for a 48 hour time period Friday to Sunday. This is so you can take a break with the peace of mind that you need to be able to let go, when you know capable, experienced and reliable professionals are there to handle the care of your loved one.
ElderWell Senior Care Services It often takes the support and encouragement of people who care about you to Elder Well. Staying engaged, connected and empowered is easier with a helping hand nearby. Our ElderWell team provides both a Home-Life Program for those living at home and a Creative Enrichment Program to service clients in residential care or Assisted Living sites to bring added TLC and ease to daily living. Whether aging in place at home or in seniors housing, this added support brings greater peace of mind for the whole family.

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