When stress takes over…Two heads are better than one

Stress does funny things to us. It affects our clarity, our ability to discern solutions calmly and most importantly, negatively affects our health. When we’re under stress, our bodies produce chemicals that wire us up to deal with danger. We’re tense, alert, our hearts are pounding, and our blood pressures rise. Soft music, breathing exercises, looking at a soothing picture, meditation and pleasant smells all trigger positive messages that are sent to initiate a relaxation response in our nervous system to signal the body to let go, relax and calm down.

Asking for help is not something everyone finds easy to do. Putting two heads
together over a problem usually forms a synergy that generates new ideas and ways of looking at an issue that we often can’t see alone. Try it and see what happens….

“Happiness comes through doors you didn’t know you left open.” Anonymous