When I’m Sixty-Five

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I turned sixty-five today. You think about it of course as the day approaches, but now it’s actually here.  I have to say that when my Old Age Security letter arrived in the mail a week ago, I had to read it several times and it was rather a bitter-sweet moment.  Oh, that’s nice to oh my god how did …

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Managing the stress of uncertainty


My new favorite passion is learning more about the brain and how it works, both to stay healthier and to create more joy and happiness in my life.  Particularly as we travel through the journey of aging in the third chapter of life, we are faced with uncertainty and this in itself can lead to feeling stressed. Richard Lazarus has …

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Eating Right For Aging Well

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I had the pleasure of attending the Okanagan Symposium on Brain Health last week, an annual event put on by BrainTrust Canada here in Kelowna.  It was a fabulous gathering of both participants and speakers to explore the importance of thinking about our brain as an organ of the body that we should take better care of. The opening speaker, …

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Surprising rewards from taking chances

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I was thrilled this past week to have my company, Caresmart Seniors Consulting, named as one of the finalists in the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce 28th Annual Business Excellence Awards. As our name was announced, I felt a rush of surprise, excitement and a humbleness all at the same time. I suppose the recognition felt especially sweet as a budding …

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Awakening human potential in the second half of life


The second annual Creative Aging Day event is coming up this month in Kelowna on June 19th.  The exhibitions, performances, displays and discussions around creative expression and well-being will flow between the Rotary Centre of the Arts, the Factory and the Kelowna Art Gallery this year.  Kelowna is blessed to have a community of inspired people who wish to extend …

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Aging: Loving Later Life

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For many people in the later years, the sphere of relationships is continuously diminishing.  Various theories on disengagement suggest that this is the normal pattern of life for people as they retire.  The word “disengagement” itself suggests a withdrawal from active life.  I remember when my father retired at the age of fifty-five.  It seemed early at the time, but …

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Tuning Your Brain To Its Musical Past

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I had the pleasure before Christmas of attending the West Kelowna Silver Song Group, a session of singing and music which is the brainchild of the Sing For Your Life Foundation. Now in its fourth season, regular sessions are held at three locations in our area to offer a unique and protected model of participatory music-making for older adults.  The …

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The Journey To Reconnect With The Joy Of Living

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A month has passed since the death of my mother and having now lost our second parent, my three sisters and I are feeling the need to form a different circle together.  Mom held a powerful energy her whole life that somehow structured a protective moat around each of us, as well as aimed our individual purposes forward like an …

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye

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Tomorrow my family will lay my dear Mom, Margaret-Ann Crane to rest beside my Dad, under the trees next to the beautiful golf course he helped build.  So many of you have travelled along the year’s long journey of her gradual transition to this day through the many emotions, challenges and joys I experienced in my role as her caregiver.   …

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Becoming Alive Inside

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Singing was a big part of my life when I was growing up.  It really began when my Mom took me to a series being held at the Paramount Theatre here in Kelowna where they were showing popular old time musicals from a generation gone by.  I remember sitting in the theatre listening to the featured movie that night with …

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