The Journey To Reconnect With The Joy Of Living

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A month has passed since the death of my mother and having now lost our second parent, my three sisters and I are feeling the need to form a different circle together.  Mom held a powerful energy her whole life that somehow structured a protective moat around each of us, as well as aimed our individual purposes forward like an …

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye

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Tomorrow my family will lay my dear Mom, Margaret-Ann Crane to rest beside my Dad, under the trees next to the beautiful golf course he helped build.  So many of you have travelled along the year’s long journey of her gradual transition to this day through the many emotions, challenges and joys I experienced in my role as her caregiver.   …

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Becoming Alive Inside

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Singing was a big part of my life when I was growing up.  It really began when my Mom took me to a series being held at the Paramount Theatre here in Kelowna where they were showing popular old time musicals from a generation gone by.  I remember sitting in the theatre listening to the featured movie that night with …

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Daring Greatly As You Age


When you look around, each one of us can probably see someone we care about facing a difficult obstacle.  It may take the form of a challenging illness, a marriage that is breaking apart, the death of a loved one or close friend, a financial hardship or perhaps simply the sadness of an empty nest.  We also see and feel …

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When It Comes To Caregiving, Do Your Best One Step At A Time


The phrase I probably say the most to my clients and their family members is, “Let’s just take one step at a time.”  It can be overwhelming to deal with making too many decisions all at once, especially as a caregiver of an aging loved one.  I know sometimes it seems like you have to, that it is demanded of …

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Aging creatively keeps the passion alive

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A wonderful movement is afoot in our community to bring a new vision to aging called conscious eldering or sage-ing. There are a growing number of people here in Kelowna who are aspiring to share the hope and encouragement that comes with seeking new ways to grow in consciousness as we age, to feel greater self appreciation, and to be …

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A wise old owl lived in an oak, The more he saw the less he spoke, The less he spoke the more he heard. Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?  Unknown author As I wind my way through life I am beginning to understand more and more why we are given two ears and one mouth.  …

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Mum And Boys 2

Well, as you all know by now, my life is somewhat stressful these days as I care for my aging Mom. Each day brings a change in her condition and with it a new challenge.   As I passed through many daily changes this past week, I began to feel that stress was taking over my life.  It is like the …

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Growing older is contemplative and opens a door to a lot of discovery if we let it.  It is a vulnerable process and takes courage to face the fact that everything changes, everything ages.  There are many external adjustments that are often happening, but it the internal journey that holds great promise for discovery. Aging is beyond our control, but …

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Exploring the journey of aging and taking a good hard look at my own somewhat driven boomer mentality seems to be my favorite past-time these days. A good friend just had her 50th birthday last week and as I gleefully sent her well wishes on her celebration down in Costa Rica, I pondered the fact that 12 years have passed …

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